Stone Cold Steve Austin Finally Has His Own Official Brand of Beer


Years ago, I took a survey on about my beer-drinking habits, in what seemed to be the groundwork for an upcoming Stone Cold line of beer. It made sense – slurping down suds was one of Austin’s primary on-camera characteristics and a major reason working-class fans related to him, but Vince McMahon presumably realized that all the free advertising for Budweiser and Coors Light could have been dollars coming his way instead.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Austin walked out of the company a couple weeks later for not wanting to face Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw (depending on who you ask, he either didn’t want to lose, or didn’t want to give away a potential pay-per-view main event for free), and the beer plans evaporated like foam on my face.

Enter the El Segundo brewing company, which I presume Austin discovered while being scanned for toys at Mattel’s corporate HQ in the same California town. They’re teaming with the Stone Cold SOB to create…an IPA? And one that’ll only likely be available in Cali, at that? Sorry, folks – it looks like ol’ Steve has a more sophisticated palate than he ever let on:

Over a table of beer, conversation shifted to a collaborative effort utilizing ESBC’s expertise in brewing and Steve’s vision of the ultimate India Pale Ale.  Austin described in detail the characteristics he loved in a great IPA. The resulting recipe, churned out by Rob, created a beer that boasts a big mid palate flavor from ample use of Cascade, Chinook, and Citra hops. The finish is wonderful with hops fading quickly and a polite bitterness that trails off easily. This is the ultimate IPA designed for the working man and woman who love great beer.  The work is done. Time to enjoy a cold one.

In my experience, the working man likes to chug. However, “polite bitterness” does describe the mood of a lot of people working for a living who drown their sorrows, so that part fits.Steve Austin