Where Did This Wanted Game Come From, and Why Does It Look So Awesome?

I like to think of myself as a reasonably well-informed nerd. I mean, I am paid (very, very little) to be. I gets tips from you guys all the time, which helps. But the first time I knew there was a Wanted videogame–based on the movie–was seeing a trailer for it in front of the Hellboy II DVD. I was ready to immediately dismiss it, as we all know 95% of movie games are terrible, and if you’re making a 3rd-person shooter out of your movie, the percentage is even greater. But  I couldn’t skip past the damn commercial, so I watched it–and damn if it doesn’t look kind of great. Yeah, it’s got the standard bullet-time (although seeing blood fly out in bullet-time is still kind of nice), but you can curve your bullets, like in the move. Just check out this clip of a gunfight on an airplane–which turns into a gunfight on a falling airplane–and tell me if it doesn’t look pretty goddamned sweet. Is it me? Do I have a fever? Am I still drunk from the wretchedness that was last night’s Heroes?