Mattel Is Serious About This Infinite Heroes Thing

Especially the infinite part, because listen to how many 3 3/4-inch figures they’re planning on releasing in early ’09 alone (courtesy of Action-Figure):

Nightwing (blue)
Green Arrow
Superman (classic and prime)
Gotham Swat Officer
Wonder Woman (classic and animated)
Atom (Classic and Modern)
The Question (with and without trench coat)
Black Canary
Power Girl
Thanagarian Soldier (redeco)
Alex Luthor
Adam Strange
Hal Jordan
Dr. Fate
Black Lightning
The Spectre
Wildcat (blue and black)
Star Sapphire
Batman (blue and grey)
Wingman of Thanagar
Gotham Swat Gordan
Crisis Supergirl

And those are just the single-carded figures! there will also be three-packs based on Gotham Knight (the mediocre Batman anime) with Batman, Deadshot and Scarecrow, as well as a Shazam! pack with Captain Marvel, Black Adam and Mary Marvel. But the one I’m most excited about is the 6-pack you see up top (well, the art, anyways) ofRaven, Cyborg, Robin, Arsenal, The Brain and Mallah. I’m not a big DC fan, but I am a big fan of intelligent apes with foreign accents who are in love with evil brains in limbless robots, which is one of th e more sane things features in grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. You guys can have the other four figures when I buy ’em.