The Greatest (or at least Meanest) Wonder Woman Figure of All Time

Make sure you stop by Target sometime soon? Why? Well, if you recall, they’ve locked down Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line as a store exclusive, which has resulted in a lot of repackaged figures with new accessories, including the above two-pack that blows my mind. Is it Batman and a pig, you ask? Yes. Is the pig a Green Lantern from a pig planet? Good guess, but no–the pig is Wonder Woman.

I had totally forgotten about the JLU episode where Circe turns Wonder Woman into a pig, and Batman has to take care of her…which he does by putting her on a leash (he knows how to treat the ladies, that Batman). I also forgot how Batman gets Circe to release the spell, until I looked it up on YouTube:

You know Grant Morrison is pissed he didn’t think of it first. Order the toy here. (Via Great White Snark)