The Night KITT Saved Christmas

I’m second away from signing off for the holiday weekend, but I’ve saved the best for last. Well, kind of–see, this is another video with virtually no visual element like the awesome Rorschach poem below, but instead of a poem, this is a song. Set to a repeating loop of the Knight Rider theme. With lyrics about Michael Knight and KITT saving Christmas. And it’s fucking insane.

It’s not as funny as G4’s Spirit of Christmas video, and not nearly as clever as the Rorschach poem, but it does feature KITT towing Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, I shit you not. And it takes itself oh so seriously. Frankly, I don’t feel at all bad for leaving you in its care for four days, as I’ve watched the video about 100 times since I woke up. Happy holidays to you all–come back and tell me the nerdiest gift you got in the comments.