The Robocop Rap Will Make Everything Okay

It’s been a rough day, folks. After getting mentally and fiscally raped by the Dragonball trailer and DC (respectively), it’s nice to know there’s still some people trying to bring happiness into the world, like DJ Mayhem and MC Mouthmaster Murf, a.k.a. the Anomalies–the very odd rap group who make incredibly accurate rap summaries of movies (you maybe have seen their fantastic Predator rap earlier this year). Command Sheep, who seems to be gunning for a nerd sainthood, pointed out their new Robocop rap to me, by god, it’s nice to smile again. Yes, it’s 10 minutes long (they’re very accurate) and maybe it takes a while to pick up, but it has two things the Predator rap didn’t–Dick and Jones. Enjoy.