Mutant Round-Up: X-Force Movie Happening, Wolverine Drinks Terrible Beer

I know getting upset about product placement is a fool’s errand, and has been ever since I was bothered in my youngest years that my favorite Olympian, Daley Thompson, was shilling for the disgusting energy soda Lucozade (the “Luc-Thompson” thing made it worse, I think). And yet I have a real, real problem with the notion that Logan would drink Coors Light. It’s not about the politics of the Coors family so much as the fact that it’s terrible, watered-down beer that gives me an instant stomach ache.

In real life, people with Hugh Jackman’s physique often do drink Coors Light – it’s a favorite among pro-wrestlers, for example. But Wolverine doesn’t need it – with a perfect immune system and healing factor, which would inoculate him against hangovers or liver damage, he should be drinking the hard stuff at the very least; grain alcohol or torpedo fuel if he really wants to get wasted. Coors Light to him – as it practically is to us – would effectively be bad-tasting water.

In happier news – assuming everyone learned from the mistakes of the first Wolverine movie, and that Coors Light is the only bad decision in the new one – Bleeding Cool is reporting that Fox intends to announce plans for a larger cinematic X-universe at Comic Con, and part of that will be an X-Force movie. Confirmation that this project is in development came from a source fairly close to the material…

Liefeld – who has sold movie rights to approximately a bazillion of his ideas to Hollywood never to see them actually made – urges caution in getting too hyped for now, citing the Magneto stand-alone movie that never was. But given what we do know about Fox’s hopes for duplicating Marvel Studios’ model, it seems like the most obvious next step with the rights they do have.