This News Would Have Been a Lot Better Yesterday


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Tarsem Singh said he wants his next movie to be Samurai Jack, based on the awesome Genndy Tartakovsky cartoon. Greg B. sent me the tip yesterday, although I didn’t get around to posting it — but I did think “Tarsem Singh? Director of the excellent The Fall and the probably flawed but still fun-looking Immortals? What a great fit!”

Alas, how much a day can change things. Because Tarsem Singh is already working on another movie, which Samurai Jack would be made after, obviously… and the movie he’s currently working on is Mirror, Mirror. As in the Mirror, Mirror whose trailer I ran this morning. I know, right? I was like “S’no way!” too, but the truth remains.

And that truth is that Mirror, Mirror looks so awful I can’t possibly be excited about Singh directing Samurai Jack. Would I be excited about The Fall’s Tarsem Singh or even Immortals‘ Tarsem Signh directing? You bet. And man, I hope that dude is still around somewhere. All I know is that it’s Mirror, Mirror‘s Tarsem Singh that’s currently hard at work making Julia Roberts seem even more obnoxious than she does in real life, and I’d much rather have no Samurai Jack movie than his Samurai Jack.