And Here’s the Other Snow White Movie Trailer

Warning: Don’t watch this video. It’s a trailer for Mirror, Mirror, the Snow White movie not to be confused with the Snow White and the Huntsman, whose trailer also came out recently. I tell you not to watch it because it is fucking awful. I mean, just wretched. Like, there have been more than a few FFFs that I’ve run that left me less bitter and depressed than I am currently after watching this piece of shit. Not only does it have a “Say hello to my little friend!” joke regarding one of the seven dwarves (groan), someone actually responds to someone saying “Snow White?” with “S’no way!” I blacked out after that line, and woke up to discover I had beaten myself unconscious, as my body involuntarily tried to protect me from its shittiness. I post this trailer here only to make sure that if you only avoid one Snow White movie, make sure it’s Mirror, Mirror. Seriously, it makes Snow White and the Huntsman look like The Godfather. (Via First Showing)