A Minute with the Minutemen

While we wait for Watchmen‘s fate to be decided on January 20th (or more specifically, if the judge approves Fox’s injunction that would delay the movie), let’s all try to pretend that nothing’s wrong and watch yet another featurette, this one on the Minutemen, the ’40s group of heroes. This looks utterly accurate–not unimpressive, given how goofy the old costumes look–with the exception of the Comedian’s mustache, which was almost certainly added to make sure mass audiences knew he was the same guy who gets tossed out of the window at the beginning of the flick. Carla Gugino makes a love Silk Spectre I, and the Silhouette is looking Mi-T-Fine. If I were the Comedian, I’d have a hard time picking which one to assault!

Sorry, that was horrible. Not Johnny Cage-level horrible, but still.