MTV2 Is No Friend to Anime Nerds

Be warned: This video is not for the faint of heart. See, it’s apparently “Otaku Week” over at MTV2 (“The Channel which Occasionally Has Music”) which means they’re showing videos taken from last year’s Otakon in Baltimore of otaku being otaku, and thus utterly embarrassing themselves and the entirety of the human race. Now, I’m a Friend to Otaku–and I’m certainly a bigger anime fan than most–but I also have enough sense to know that if I dress up like Astro Boy in little green shorts, MTV2 isn’t interviewing me to learn more about my hobbies.

Regardless, this video of fans playing what seems to be Yu-Gi-Oh–and conversing as if they were in a Yu-Gi-Oh game–is by far the most horrible. My skin literally crawled off my body and fled my house mid-way through watching. So if you see a large sack of flesh running around sobbing somewhere, please tell it the video is over and it can come back. I’m cold. (Via AnimeVice)