27 Puppies Were Saved During the Making of this Deadpool Fan Flick

Three notes before you begin watching this excellent Deadpool fan movie:

1) This is much, much better than any Deadpool movie Hollywood will manage to make in the next 10 years, although I think the chances of Hollywood making a Deadpool movie in the next 10 years is pretty close to zero.
2) Take another look at that Dungeons & Dragons 3: The Book of Vile Darkness movie trailer below. Notice while it does have higher production values, this Deadpool fan movie is superior in every other way. Admittedly, this thing isn’t Citizen Kane or anything, but it’s a good, well-made fan flick, and the D&D3 movie is just totally godawful. Yet technically D&D3 is considered the “real” movie. Hollywood is completely fucked up.
3) This video contains graphic violence against yellow caption boxes. You have been warned.