Dungeons and Dragons and Dickweeds

Watch the above trailer. Seriously, do it.

Did you watch it? Okay, what do you think it was? A fan-made movie with reasonably decent, if extremely cheap, production values? Or an honest-to-god, third official Dungeons & Dragons movie?
The answer seems to be a third D&D movie, subtitled The Book of Vile Darkness. It was apparently supposed to premiere on SyFy, but has been delayed for quite some time, presumably because it’s fucking terrible. This means that the TV channel that has aired Piranhaconda and Mansquito — the TV channel that not only gave acting jobs to ’80s pop stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, but also let them star in a movie together — took a look at The Book of Vile Darkness here, and said, “This movie is too shitty for us to air.” That’s insane. What’s also insane: Movies are not solo efforts. There are actors and directors and cinematographers and writers and tons of people who all take part in creating a movie. And yet somehow, The Book of vile Darkness here did not hire a single competent person to work on any aspect of this film. What are the odds? Obviously, some producers rolled a critical miss on his Saving Throw Vs. Impossibly Shitty Movie. Thanks to Psylent1 for the tip.