SDCC 2015: Vertigo Announces New Lucifer, Cooke/Hernandez Books

Vertigo Comics
Twilight Children #1

You know how every couple of months people like to shout about Vertigo being dead? Their panel today went a long way towards dispelling that notion, leading with Twilight Children, a new book coming this October from Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke. Oh and PS: more Lucifer.

Vertigo Comics
Clean Room #1

Vertigo themselves didn’t release a ton of information on the books – mostly just covers, creative teams and months when they’ll be released. Clean Room, for example, is the Gail Simone/Jon Davis-Hunt book announced at NYCC about Scientology but a horror movie cult (that’s just regular Scientology, Jim). That’ll be out this October, and the cover looks niiiice.

Vertigo Comics

The East Coast branch of the TKTRFB (Topless Robot Tom King Fanboys – we are a small, dedicated group with fantastic growth potential GO READ OMEGA MEN) is ecstatic about The Sheriff of Baghdad. The LA Times has an interview with King about the book. It’s absolutely worth checking out. The Sheriff of Baghdad is due out in December of this year.

Vertigo Comics
Lucifer #1

Vertigo Comics
Art Ops #1

Lucifer is going to be a murder mystery. I guess they’re trying to work in some TV synergy, but I HIGHLY doubt the show is going to do what the comic does and murder God. Maybe season 2. It’s due out in December.

Art Ops follows a group of special agents tasked with hunting down escaped and suddenly alive painting subjects. So if the Mona Lisa sprang to life and tried to bull rush the Eiffel Tower, these are the people who would stop her. Just…it’s Mike Allred art, so as trippy as it sounds, just double it. Art Ops arrives in October.

You can check out more covers at the Vertigo link.