Night of the Living Macho Dead

And we’re back! I hope you had a pleasant holiday time, full of relaxation and mild alcohol abuse, because I’ve got a shit-ton of nerdy news to get to you today. We’ll start with my favorite, this video of a Left 4 Dead fan-mod which causes all of the zombies in the game to talk like Macho Man Randy Savage as they try to eat your brain. This is about the greatest thing ever, although I admit being biased as I spent a few years in the ’80s wishing that Macho Man Randy Savage were my real father (I wouldn’t have minded the lovely Miss Elizabeth being my mom either, but that’s neither here nor there). 

As a quick reminder, Topless Robot is back in full half-assed business mode this week, which means all the posts, all the misspellings, all the inaccuracies, Fan Fiction Friday, the shirt contest, probably 40% Watchmen movie posts, the regular deal. No, no–you don’t have to thank me. Getting paid is thanks enough. (Via Kotaku)