One Last Bit of Lost Nonsense Before Tonight’s Premiere

I hope all you people who aren’t caught up on Lost are skipping this article, because I’d hate for you see this spoiler–Claire from Heroes shows up in tonight’s episode! And Sylar! And Walt returns! And…nah, never mind. I’m done with that non-joke. But don’t let my lack of anything funny to say stop you from checking out this fun video from The Fine Brothers, who actually made a whole first season of five similar videos, if you want to check them out. I recommend it.

Now, some folks have asked about a Lost live-blog, but I’m afraid there won’t be one, at least for the immediate future. Really, the problem is that I’m waaaay too in love with Lost to potentially miss a second because I’m typing nonsense to you guys. Sorry about that. But, tell you what — I’d love to have this article’s comment thread work as a place to discuss the episode after it airs. I’ll be here at 11 pm EST with a few thoughts, and we can basically just freak out together, and see how that works. No haters necessary, because you sure as hell won’t be changing our minds at this point, okay? See you kids later.