Street Fighter 4 Is Street Fighter 2…2

Okay. I am well aware that Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 is in 3-D. I got that. 3-D character models, 3-D backgrounds…very obvious. And I’ll add that seeing the gameplay looks far better than i originally thought in motion. But looking at the completely 2-D gameplay, I can’t help but see…a gussied up Street Fighter 2. I’m hardly an expert, but watching Cammy and Fei Long up above, the moves seem the same. The combos seem the same. Hell, obviously the character roster is the same, even with the inclusion of Ryu’s master Gouken who was rumored to be playable in SFII. And the game is set in-between SFII and SFIII. So…why is this one called “4” again?

I was certainly expecting Capcom to cater to hardcore SF fans with the character roster. And I think I’m happy SF is still a 2-D fighting game than a 3-D one. But I was expecting some kind of…I don’t know, change, over the previous titles in terms of gameplay, not just the graphics.  I mean, there’s already a gussied up SFII on Xbox Live. And it doesn’t have that horrible fucking announcer.