What the @#$% Has Hideo Kojima Done to Castlevania

Last time I mentioned Hideo Kojima’s stab at the Castlevania series, I got some shit for bitching the game looked like one of the million God of War clones littering the videogame landscape. I stand by that; for whatever reason, I got bored of GoW‘s gameplay mid-way through the second game, and I’ve never gotten tired of Castlevania-type games. Besides, if I’m buying a game that has Castlevania on the cover, I’d like it, you know, to be vaguely reminiscent of Castlevania.

Well, Konami released a new video for TGS — there’s no gameplay (or English voices), and it still looks nothing like a Castlevania. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t look interesting. Some of the games and movies it looks like more than Castlevania: Labyrinth, Dante’s Inferno, Shadow of the Colossus, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, and that’s before you get to Gabriel Belmont riding a giant eagle who talks. Again — nothing like Castlevania, but definitely interesting. I actually wish they’d just retitle the damn thing so I don’t have to deal with the incongruity anymore. Thanks to Manekochan for the tip.