Portal 2 Puts the Operation in Cooperation

Sorry, but I just have to post this new, longer trailer for the co-op mode in Portal 2. Yeah, I know I’ve already posted a shorter version of it, and I know there’s a new, 10-minute video of the actual co-op mode in action. I’m sorry, I just love these little guys. I will say that I did watch that gameplay video, and I’m surprised to report that both players have two portals — blue and light blue, orange and red — I just assumed one bot would handle blue, and one would handle orange. I’df also like to report that in no way should you ever play Portal 2 with a loved one — despite the “hey dipshit please put a portal here target marker here” system, there’s just no way two people are going to be able to play this without aggravating the hell out of each other. For friends it’ll be fine, but relationships? They will end. And GlaDOS will laugh and laugh and laugh.