Square Enix Aliens and Robocop Figures Fully Revealed

At Comic-Con, I showed you some unpainted prototypes for these Play Arts Kai figures. Now, thanks to BigBadToyStore, they are revealed in full-color glory, and include some new surprises…


This one is based on a controversial plot point in the upcoming Robocop remake – the first time they design him, they come up with something more like the original, until Michael Keaton disses it and says he wants it sleeker and black. Still, if we’ve learned anything from NECA’s Predalien, it’s that fans will buy toys even of stuff they hate if it looks cool.

Here’s the full-on regular RemakeCop figure. The ball-joints seem a little too obviously exposed for my tastes.


Now THIS is more like it:


Then, from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game, we have the Alien Lurker and Alien Spitter.



All of these can be preordered right now for around $90. Why that price?

Because they’re just eye candy, Ned! Ninety dollars!