13 Minutes of Uniformative Yet Fascinating Dark Knight Rises Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Do you want to know how the Dark Knight does all that rising? Well, you could do worse than to watch this 13-minute behind-the-scenes doc, although you could probably do better, too. It’s mostly the actors talking a bit about the characters and where they are when the movie begins, some crew members talking about how shots were made and stunts were done, and everybody talking about how great Chris Nolan is. You won’t learn much about the movie itself, but it sure as hell got me pumped for DKR to premiere in a few weeks. A few miscellaneous thoughts:

? I’m not sure how I feel about Batman being retired for eight years when the movie begins. Specifically, I don’t like it, but I assume Nolan has a pretty decent shot at pulling it off.
? I think Tom Hardy would be really fun to hang out with.
? That sewer set construction was pretty amazing.
? In case you were wondering if Nolan would be producing any future Batman movies, or maybe even directing Justice Leaguehe won’t.
? Do anyone else think Bane sounds exactly like Goldfinger from James Bond? Is it just me?