Suddenly, the Star Trek Barbies Look Stunningly Accurate

Had you told me a few days ago that the most authentic looking Star Trek figures were going to be Mattel’s Barbie dolls, I’d have laughed. Then I would have hit you and stolen your wallet, because I’m kind of broke. But after the big reveal of Playmates’ Captain Kirk as Played by the Gay Assistant from Ugly Betty the other day, really, the above Kirk, Spock and especially Uhura are looking photo-realistic in comparison. (Hey, having their heads be properly proportioned to their bodies goes a long way.)

What I don’t understand is the fascination with the fabric patterns on the Starfleet uniforms in this line. These people understand that we can’t see the thread pattern of their shirts in the actual film, right? So seeing the fabric make-up of all of the shirts of all of the toys is incredibly weird and disconcerting?  No? Well, do they understand that it’s better to spend cash on making sure the heads of the toys look even vaguely like their movie counterparts instead of givng unnecessary detail to their items of clothing? No?

…fuck. (Via Collider)