TR Contest: Most Horrible Cartoon Episode


Phew! This was one hell of a rough week, and there’s wasn’t lot of good nerd news to make up for all the bad nerd news, in my opinion. Still, about the only thing I can do is make up another TR contest, and let you guys vent, and potentially win a shirt. So this is open to any cartoon, not just the standard G.I. Joe/He-Man crowd, but it does have to be a specific episode (no just saying “Scrappy Doo” and leaving it at that). Will you pick one of Cobra Commander’s most ludicrously stupid plans, because G.I. Joe was your favorite? A Snorks episode that insulted even your 6-year-old intelligence? One of those weird, little seen specials, like the terrifying Garfield Fantasies ‘toon seen to the right? I’m looking forward to reading your heaps of vitriol. Links to YouTube videos would be swell, but not necessary; as always, check out the rules here. One more warning: I read Worst Cartoons Ever too, so no cheating, kids. See you on Monday.