What the Hell Is Marvel’s Deal with Money?

Between Sin City and The Wrestler, actor Mickey Rourke is probably at the high point of his career. so everyone seems shocked that Variety is reporting that Marvel has offered him the sum of $250,00 to play the Crimson Dynamo (or whoever) in Iron Man 2. Now, $250K isn’t chump change to you and me, but for an actor in Rourke’s position and current heat–who is almost certainly playing one of the two main villains in the movie–this is kind of chump change. More disturbingly,

As /Film very adroitly points out, it’s getting more and more clear that all those reports about Marvel
not ponying up for actors and directors are almost certainly true. First there were the rumors that Marvel was trying to short-change Iron Man director Jon Favreau for the sequel. Most recently, Sam Jackson said Marvel’s having a “recession” where they aren’t paying him a decent wage to reprise his role as Nick Fury. And now Rourke.

What the fuck is going here? Iron Man made over $575 million worldwide, and everyone knows Iron Man 2 is a license to print money. Why is hell is Marvel even fucking around with this?