Barely Interesting News Trifecta: Iron Man Cartoon, Star Trek Experience, Smallville

? Here’s a trailer for the Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon, which you might remember better as Iron Teen. I’m been trying to find something devastatingly hilarious to say about it, but its cel-shaded CG and utter lack of defining characteristics have thwarted me. Other than that Iron Man is like 13 or something, but we’ve gone over that. (Via IESB)

? The Star Trek Experience is re-opening in Vegas this May. I’m baffled here, folks; the old Experience closed down last July, well after everyone knew about the new Trek movie. So why shut it down at all? Could it really have saved money to fire everyone, take it all down, and now rebuild it and re-hire and re-train a whole new staff? Also, while I think the movie will do well, I doubt it’ll rejuvenate the franchise so much that the Experience stays profitable past October or so. (Via SciFi Wire)

zatanna comic.jpg
? TV Guide has this pic of Serinda Swan as Zatanna in Smallville, and she looks like Zatanna. Even the Smallville producers know you shouldn’t fuck around with a tuxedo top and fishnets. Black Canary’s leather jacket and fishnets? They’re fine to fuck with, obviously. (Via Comic Book Movie)