Evil Flying Jesus Stars in the Real Worst Cartoon Ever

I know last week’s TR contest is well and over, but I need you guys to be aware that for all of our bitching and moaning about the worst cartoon episode ever, we were wrong. So wrong. Chris Ward, friend of TR and wacky wingnut behind Worst Cartooons Ever, has found what must be his life’s work –this short cartoon from the Jehovah’s Witnesses about Jesus. It’s quite informative, and features such marvels as:

? Jesus with wings
? Jesus without wings, flying exactly like Superman
? jesus holding a sword aloft in the air and totally pulling a He-Man
? Jesus shapeshifting into other people
? A shot of the select few going to heaven, which consist of only old white people
? Jesus directly causing Armageddon, including blowing up a church with a small child in it

The Littles simply do not compare to the horror of the above video. If only because The Littles never killed children…on camera.