Most Horrible Cartoon Episode: And the Winner Is…

A few quick notes: I haven’t mailed shit. To those last two week’s of winners — I swear to zombie Jesus I’ll get them out this week. Second, hopefully the commenting problem that some of you guys had during the contest has been resolved, and sorry for the turmoil. However, try to watch out how long your entries are — the spam filter hates overlong comments, and I have the attention span of a drunk 3-year-old anyways.

Now, on to the honorable mentions! Read ’em here:
? B. E., for suggesting parents should shoot their children in the brain
? Mr. C, for unwittingly creating Nanny/Dr. Claw erotic fan fiction
? MyNoNos, because Billy & Mandy destroyed his family
? Strangeman, for the most disturbing Bill Cinton joke since 2002
? LBD “Nytetrayn,” although that Mega Man episode sounds kind of awesome
? badNflu3nce, for giving me the phrase “If only he hadn’t injected himself with Tyrannosaurus DNA…”
? The Red Queen, although that Rock n’ Wrestling episode IS THE AWESOMEST THING EVER, and you will never convince me otherwise
? Clancy Damon, for “These are jokes and they are funny! Laugh, you motherfuckers, laugh!”
? Thewalkindude, who would have won if I didn’t think Tom and Jerry should have killed themselves long ago
? unlucky13, for pointing out punk really is dead
? McTool, for that incredibly misogynistic Sonic comic book page

But the winner is Brent for The Littles‘ “A Big Cure for a Little Illness.”

The Littles were the cure for awesome. Just waiting at the end of
Saturday morning to ruin Saturday afternoon with another one of their
depressing plights. They are the reminder that all is not golden in the
past Much of it is best left forgotten.

Brent is exactly right; unlike so many entries, The Littles was never so bad it was awesome, and it was always, always horrible and boring. To have an episode where ma Little is slowly dying while the main kid has a doctor’s appointment? I can think of nothing worse.