Holy @#$%, Mattel Is Making a Lot of DC Toys


Seriously. There’s a lot of NYCC announcements to cover, so let me just say thanks to Action-Figure –hit the link to see pics of the toys mentioned — and get on with it.

? Justice League Unlimited — Upcoming figures include Deadshot, Plastic Man, OMAC, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, General Wade Eiling, the Marvel family and the Legion.

? DC Universe Classics — This summer’s new wave will include Green Arrow, Black Adam, Black Canary (with real fishnets, apparently — anyone else skeeved out by this?), Mantis, a Mantis variant, and Chemo as the build-a-figure.

? DC Infinite Heroes — There will be 60 new figures released in 2009. That’s…that’s quite a lot. also, you can use those Anti-Monitor points to get a free anti-Monitor figure, which a chance to win of 25 hand-crafted 20-inch Anit-Monitor figures.

? Dark Knight Movie Masters — More to come, including Bank Robber Joker, Jail Cell Joker, Sonar Eyes Batman, and Harvey Dent.

? Now, that terrifying figure of Gleek you see above? It was neither seen nor mentioned at NYCC. Pal o’ TR Poe Ghostal found this pic in the darkest corner of the internet. It could be  a custom, but it looks a but too well done for that. My guess its part of a Wonder Twins two-pack which will be exclusive to And/or an SDCC exclusive.

Jesus, I hate looking at that thing.