Hasbro Reveals New Jurassic World Toys That Probably Aren’t Screen-Accurate


Unless we’ve really been misled, I don’t think Jurassic World involves dinosaurs in bright primary colors who can be stitched together from spare parts Frankenstein-style. Although I’m pretty sure I’d like to see that movie.

In an unusual reveal at, Hasbro debuted images of their new Hero Mashers series of mix-and-match toys aimed at kids who think it’s funny to dismember their figures. There are pics of comic-styled Age of Ultron characters and Star Wars Rebels Mashers, but the Jurassic World dinos stand out as being uniquely unbound by fealty to source.


Asked if human-dinosaur hybrids are possible to make from combined figures, Hasbro offers a very long-winded way of saying “yes.”

Our holiday set included Grimlock [from Transformers: Age of Extinction], which is a huge dino, so we’ve been working on how to make this all fit together as an interconnected play system from the beginning. We designed it from the beginning to be such, because we really had a vision for this to be a platform of play not just an in and out segment.

Given that we see in the images that some of the dinosaurs have tails that are removable, it’s entirely probable you can put a character’s head on their ass.

That would make for a different movie entirely.