Mattel to Make Ghostbusters Toys, Cats and Dogs to Start Living Together

What. The. Fuck.

Mattel’s “Ghostbusters” collectible line debuts with 12-inch figures in
June 2009, and will be available exclusively at
Each figure will feature window box packaging and include authentic
Ghostbuster equipment unique to each character. For the first time,
Mattel’s line will include talent likeness of Egon Spengler, Ray
Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Select prototype figures
will be on display February 6-8 at New York Comic Con and February 15
at Mattel’s New York Toy Fair Collector Preview Night (by invitation

“Ghostbusters” collectors can also look forward to 6-inch figures, with
one debuting at San Diego Comic Con in July 2009. Sculpted by Four
Horsemen Studios, the team currently working on Mattel’s popular DC
Universe? Classics and Masters of the Universe? Classics collectible
lines, the 6-inch line will come complete with authentic “Ghostbusters”
equipment and ghost.

My mind is blown. Ghostbusters toys? From Mattel? But sculpted by the Four Horsemen? And only on Mattel’s weird collector site? In 2009? Madness, pure madness. Oh, and apprently Mattel will be making animated Ghostbusters toys as well, because why the fuck not? (Via Poe Ghostal)