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Sgt. Wolverine and His Howling…Uh…Sabretooth


For those of you who think that I simply piss on everything here at Topless Robot, I have to say these well-edited X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailers are effectively winning me over. I’ve never been a big Wolverine or X-Men fan, but those shots of Logan and Sabretooth storming the beaches at Normandy kind of gives me a nerd boner, as the kids like to say. I’m not as excited about the adventures of lil’ Wolvie and Sabertooth in 19th-century Canada, but I’d happily watch an entire movie of those two just killing Nazis (which will pretty much be Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, from what I’ve heard).

Also, Hasbro — if you don’t make a firing squad Wolverine figure and call it Tickle Me Logan, YOU DO NOT LIKE MONEY. I’ll pay double if you make it giggle like Elmo when he gets shot.