Super Bowl Super Trailer-Rama Part I: G.I. Joe

Note: Okay, I’ve decided to run the big trailers in separate posts, so folks can comment on them individually. Don’t let me down, people.

Well, I’ll certainly admit to being pleasantly surprised by the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra spot. It wasn’t my favorite of the night, but there are some seriously good-looking action scenes in there. Here’s a few scattered thoughts:
? Admittedly, Snake Eyes looks fine in his Old Navy-brand ninja slacks.
? The Baroness also looks great, but I worry about Sienna Miller when she’s not shooting people, or, you know, trying to act.
? Snake Eyes flipping over the car? Awesome.
? Snake Eyes and Duke using their speed suits to jump through moving train windows? Neat, but nothing I consider “G.I. Joe.”
? Overall it was cool, but not so cool to make us ignore all those incredibly stupid plot points we’ve heard about.
? How weird is it to hear Destro — even a maskless Destro — speak in an actual Scottish voice? There should be an option on the DVD to have him be dubbed with Ving Rhames’ voice.