Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Rock Melon

Dr. Hideto Tomabechi has been studying sounds and their ability to mentally and emotionally change a person. He was hired by the Japanese police force to de-program members of the Aum Shunrikyo cult using his techniques after the 1995 sarin gas attacks. Now, he believes that sounds can physically change people, and has devised a test to see if his theory is true: Rock Melon. A cellphone ring tone, which, if a woman listens to it regularly…


Of course. I’m not really sure if the good doctor has any other ideas for his theory, or if this is the whole plan — it’s pretty plausible he just wants to make the chests of his countrywomen bigger, which I think would get him crowned emperor by his fellow countrymen. Now, the video actually shows a trial subject getting tested; it’s safe for work, but I don’t want to spoil the incredible outcome. (Via Danny Choo