“Invisible Girlfriend” App Costs Less Than Bribing Someone to Pretend They Like You


So many sitcom episodes just had their premises invalidated. With Invisible Girlfriend (and Boyfriend), there’s an app that will text you, send photos and leave voicemails so it seems like you’re in a relationship. This might be particularly useful for anyone who has to temporarily pretend not to be gay…or navigate some kind of wacky scenario in which an apartment can only be rented by couples.

Yes, yes, I know…Karen Gillan was already your invisible girlfriend. I totally believe you. Others will not. That’s why there’s this.

Want to be somebody else’s imaginary love? Both sites let you submit selfies for use in their database, just so their photos don’t look like stock models. Which could lead to really contorted hijinks if the fake date turns out to be a picture of someone your mark happens to know in real life.

via BetaBeat