The Final, Profanity-Filled Moments of the Christian Bale-Terminator Freakout Meme

Okay. Several billion of you emailed to let me know about the audio clip of Bale’s meltdown on the Terminator set throughout the week, but it had gotten so many places so quickly I just decided to let it go. Surely you all has seen it, right? But now, there’s a mash-up with doubles the nerdy content, so please, enjoy  Batman freaking out on the Joker’s lack of courtesy regarding his lighting. And let this be the end of it.

Oh, wait — though I’m sure 90% of you have heard the Bale-Profanity Dance Remix, I’ve posted it after the jump for the remaining 10%. Because it’s a shockingly good song, assuming you like the word “fuck” screamed repeatedly.

NOW we’re done. (Via /Film)