TR Contest: Stupidest Sci-Fi TV Episode


Those brilliant Star Trek: The Next Generation edited episodes reminded me of my one attempt to watch TNG. I had enjoyed the original Trek, mostly because it was goofy as hell, and had enough sci-fi nerd friends that  talked about how awesome Picard and crew was. So I turned it on, and got some terrible pile of shit where everyone on the ship started mutating into bugs or something. Worse, everyone said they were “evolving” into giant bugs, which triggered my admittedly high stupidity reflex. Needless to say, I never watched again.

But it gave me the idea for today’s contest, in that I want to hear the stupidest episode of whatever sci-fi show you suffered through. All the Treks and Stargates and Battlestars and such are fair game, as well as anything that made it longer than a couple of episodes — so no TV movies. Post-apocalypses are okay as long as they still have a sci-fi element. Don’t forget to explain why the ep was so bad, because I’m sure as hell not going to be watching it.

As always, the contest rules are here, and the contest ends at 3am Monday, EST. Make it mean, make it funny, and make it so, Topless Roboteers. See you on Monday.