Watchmen Bifecta: A Massive Blue Penis and Pure, Unadulterated Hate

I was really hoping to get through one entire day with no Watchmen movie updates, but two  things have come up that I can’t avoid: the first is Doctor Manhattan’s penis. Defamer has a tipster who saw the film and says:

There is indeed shitloads of blue wang. And it’s huge. In the comic
book, it’s very average, and uncut, but the film is completely the
opposite. Massive and circumcised. Given that it’s digital, was it
Crudup or his agent that insisted on the impressive cut cock?

Which, I think, is important for everyone to know, especially if, as Snyder has said, there will be more screentime for the penis in the uncut (snicker) version of the movie.

Now the other important thing is this new Watchmen viral video, which has made me absolutely hate the movie and everyone involved with it:

Seriously, that’s about the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It made me cringe so much more than today’s FFF, and I feel almost as violated as poor James. I don’t know what it’s supposed to do, other than fill me with rage and disgust. Look, Watchmen people — we know your fucking movie is coming out, all right? And clearly you’ve already blown through your good viral video ideas and good merchandising tie-ins. So quit right now before I give Alan Moore a plane ticket, a knife and your address.