Watchmen Wants to Get Back on Our Good Sides

When me last left the Watchmen, we were punished by a few seemingly poorly acted scenes, and the worst example of viral marketing spiraling out of control and into the gaping maw of Satan we had ever seen. It was making us bitter. Well, it was making me bitter, and kind of worried, because I’d like Watchmen to be good, and I think nerds have a lot of future entertainment possibilities riding on its success.

So I’m happy to share a new Watchmen clip, courtesy of io9, which seems to be just fine. And since it’s all Rorschach and the narration in his head, which is often tricky to pull off, I’m going to say at the very least we’re back on an even keel here. Hopefully, this will be the last we talk of it until the movie comes out next week… although I sincerely doubt it.