What the @#$% Is Chun Li Wearing?

Japan got a new Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li movie poster, and in a pleasant change of pace, it actually features Chun Li semi-prominently. On the less positive side, WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS SHE WEARING? What is that, a half muumuu? I mean, I guess I understand why they couldn’t put her in the Chinese dress that she’s worn in every Street Fighter videogame since 1991 — OH WAIT, NO, I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL. They put goddamn Ming-na Wen in the get-up; surely Kristen Kreuk would look at least as attractive, right? But just about anything would be sexier than this, which manages to turn her torso into an amorphous, sexless blob. Thanks to liquidhalcyon for the tip. (Via Kotaku)