Bioshock’s Little Sister Is All Growed Up


I’m kind of crap at FPSes, so I think the only reason I was able to beat the first Bioshock was because the Big Daddies were so damn… well, big. They were very large targets, meaning as they pummeled the living hell out of me and I fired wildly, sobbing hysterically while using all nine of my first aid kits, I still managed to hit them more times than not. Now Bioshock 2 is on the way, and Game Informer reveals the new threat — Big Sisters. Skinnier (sexier?) and almost certainly faster and more agile engines of Rob destruction. I am fucked.

I’m also confused. Since we all shot the hell out of Rapture in the first game, where did the Big Sisters come from? Or the new Little Sisters? Intriguing. (Via Kotaku)