Bustin’ Makes Alyssa Milano Feel Good

You might have heard that Sigourney Weaver declined to voice Dana Barrett in the upcoming Ghostbusters game. Or maybe you didn’t. I imagine you can still get to sleep at night. If you were worried about Dr. Venkman’s potential lack of action in the game, worry no more — Alyssa Milano has been hired to fill the void, voicing an all-new character beset by ghosts (as opposed to voicing Dana, thank goodness).

I, for one, am totally fine with this. I didn’t love Sigourney Weaver’s character/story in the first film so much as to want to see her in Ghostbusters 2, let alone a new game. Besides, Alyssa Milano during her Who’s the Boss days was my first celebrity crush (that was an actual person and not a cartoon character, natch). If you watch the video, you see Milano is suitably awed to be part of the franchise, which is always nice, and there’s a bit of new game footage, too. Frankly, I think we all win here. Anyone disagree?