DVD Day: March 24th, 2009


? The Venture Bros. Season 3
Some people thought season 3 was the best yet, but I prefer the adventures and insanity of the first two seasons more than the mythology-delving of season 3. That said, everyone should buy this just to support the awesome, awesome, Atari-cartridge-inspired package art.

? Tales of the Black Freighter
The animated tale of madness, sharks and corpse-sailing, along with the “Under the Hood” documentary. I’m actually getting a copy sent to me, so I’ll have a review of it up either late today or early tomorrow.

? Andy Richter Controls the Universe: The Complete Series
I have not seen this universally acknowledged-as-hilarious show. I plan to rectify this immediately.

? Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided
Not the theatrical movie, but the first four episodes of the CG cartoon. Even on sale for $13 at Amazon, you should just totally wait for the inevitable season box set.

? Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird
For all you who were traumatized by last week’s Depressing Muppet Songs list.

? Frazetta Painting With Fire
A documentary on Frank Frazetta… made by Frank Frazetta. I can’t imagine that working out well.

? A Galaxy Far, Far Away: 10th Anniversary Edition
Okay. I’ve not heard of this Star Wars fandom documentary, but go check out the Amazon page — it has no description, just one positive quote from Film Threat, and an insanely detailed bio of the director. It’s so obvious he put that up himself; it details his every work experience, from what newspapers have used him as a source (!) to proclaimed he is working on the upcoming Marmaduke movie (?!) and actually produced the legendarily reviled U.S. version of Spaced (!?!). What a douchebag. Has anyone seen this thing? Is it possible that it’s not brain-meltingly awful?