DVD Day: March 3rd, 2009


? Wonder Woman

I’m curious to see how this does, because while I think everyone knows Wonder Woman as a superhero icon, no one really cares about her. Point being: Right now, she’s selling less than Nash Bridges Season 2. How many of you guys are buying it?
Likewise, I’m also curious about this, since it’s basically somebody reading the Watchmen comic to you over DVD. Isn’t it just one guy doing all the voices? Is this anything anybody needs to own? Show of hands, please.
Seven discs of the fourth Doctor doing his thing. Apparently these episodes were previously released, but this version has a shit-ton of extras. So there, I guess. There’s a bunch of other Who DVDs getting released today, but they’re too many to bother with.
I don’t know if this is the first season or just some random collection, and I refuse to care enough to find out.
I’m only listing this because of this episode: “Super Koopa – Kooky Von Koopa makes a magic pendant that gives King Koopa the power to become Super Koopa! But it only works in the real world, so the Koopas lure Mario and Luigi thru a warp pipe to Paris. With his new Super powers, King Koopa takes Paris by storm! Becoming Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi fight Super Koopa to save Paris from Koopa rule.” That’s some fucked up shit.
This horror flick stars an ex-Playboy model (not even a Playmate!). Somehow, I doubt it’s a faithful homage to Lovecraft.