Fan Fiction Friday: The Petrelli Family in “Welcome Home”


This past episode of Heroes was good. Not just not bad, but genuinely, actually good. Obviously, I can’t handle that, so I had to head into the smut mines for a Heroes fan-fiction to balance the scales. Indeed, this week’s FFF installment is continuing last week’s theme by keeping it in the family, so to speak. However, I should warn you that if you were the same mind of the author of Leia and her son’s little adventure from last week — namely, that homosexuality is gross but incest is totally rad — prepare to be deeply conflicted by this week’s installment, which includes Heroes‘ Nathan Petrelli, his daughter Claire, and then little brother Peter, meaning there’s incest and gay sex, simultaneously! I know, right?! Still, as author crashgirl82 would like to point out…

Claire is eighteen in this story and is therefore not underage.

Because sex with several family members at the same time is okay, but sex with 17-year-old girls is totally uncool. The story begins when Peter receives a text message from “Rebel.”

Peter dialed the number given in the text message. After a few rings, his brother answered. “Hello.”

“Got a new phone, I see,” Peter said. He could not stop the bitterness
that flowed from his tongue, permeated his words, like bad medicine he
desperately needed to administer. “My sources tell me, and I quote,
‘you’re one of the good guys now’. Oh, what happened? Your little
brother the fuck-up let out your secret?”

“Peter, don’t be a dick. That fuck Danko figured it out after I managed to show up and save your ass. Twice.”

“You’re the one that caused all this, Nathan. You’re the reason for all of this.”

“Yeah, well, now I’m fucked. We have to work together, Pete. This blew up in my face. It’s blown way out of proportion.”

“Your fault. Not mine. I’m hanging up now. Goodbye.” Peter did not flip
the phone closed. He listened. He waited. While Peter had said those
words, he hoped Nathan would realize it was a bluff and stop him, give
him a reason to forgive him.

Nathan’s voice was empty, hollow, pleading. “Peter, please. Pete. I need your help. I don’t have anyone else.”

Peter sighed. Nathan had no one, and neither did he. He needed Nathan
just as much as Nathan needed him. Whenever they had no one, they had
always had each other. It had always been this way, for as long as
Peter could remember. For as long as he had been alive.

“I love you, Peter.”

Language, Petrellis! Peter agrees to meet Nathan, but oh, that sneaky Nathan has a secret plan!

“I think he took the bait,” Nathan Petrelli said, cradling the handset
of the hotel’s landline phone between his ear and shoulder, taking off
his cufflinks.

Angela Petrelli chuckled softly. “You needing your brother is not the
same as baiting him, Nathan, and you very well know that. He needs you
just as much. He was always so much more stubborn than you were.”

Nathan smirked. “I don’t have a problem making him do what I want when it comes to things like this, Ma.”

“Then it should be easy for you. After he gets there, he’ll be eating
out of the palm of your hand, just like he used to. There’s something
you have right now that he’s wanted, something he’s actually forgotten he wanted, and you’re the only one who can give it to him. And that’s the only way to get what you want.”

“Yes, I know,” Nathan said, his breath quickening, his voice trailing
off as a pair of hands smoothly unbuckled his belt, pushed down his
slacks, and freed his cock from the constricting material before
recapturing him in between soft pale-pink glossed lips, caressing him
with a silken hot tongue. Nathan buried his free hand into a sheaf of
golden blonde hair and moaned right into the mouthpiece, not caring
that his mother was listening to her elder son being blown by her
granddaughter in one of the most expensive hotel rooms in one of the
most disgustingly lavish hotels in Los Angeles.

Angela merely laughed again, and said, “Nathan, call me back after your
brother gets there. Remember to save some for him.” The line clicked,
the connection severed, and Nathan looked down at his daughter just as
she looked up at him, her green eyes heavy-lidded with arousal, her
mouth and throat filled with every last inch of him. He patted her hair
and said softly, “Good girl…feels so good, I can’t decide who’s better
at this, you or Peter…”

Granted, Nathan doesn’t have that enough info to make decision. Terrifyingly, he will after the jump.

Nathan released her breasts and pulled her onto the bed, roughly
slamming her down on her back. He lay atop her and ground his cock
against her, and she bucked her hips, arched her back to feel his
hardness through the thin cloth of the dress. Nathan devoured her
mouth, sucked her neck greedily, licked down her flushed chest to one
rigid nipple, teased there for a moment, moved to the other. Claire was
attempting to hitch her long dress up to allow Nathan to enter her; she
didn’t care that he was her father, he was the best fuck she’d ever had
and she hated waiting.

Claire, get a goddamn Nintendo DS. It’s a much better way to spend time than having sex with your father.

“Fuck me, Nathan. Fuck me now,” she begged, her voice hoarse and needful.

My daughter is such a slut, he thought excitedly to himself as he lifted her dress to reveal her prize, gift-wrapped in dark blonde curls. A little slut, just like my brother, he mused. Runs in the fucking family.

I’m editing the hell out of this, by the way. The unedited version uses the word “labia” far too many times for me to copy and paste without taking my own life.

Nathan raised his head and caught Claire’s green eyes with his hazel
ones and said, “I’m going to fuck the living daylights out of you, you
little whore. Tell me you want it.”

“I want it…I want it now.
Fuck me!” Claire cried. Nathan pulled off his pants and slammed himself
into her with no hesitation, her tight insides squeezing around his
achingly hard cock, and he groaned and panted when she rolled them over
in a surprise move and rode him to her second orgasm of the many that
were to come that night.

Nathan was finding it quite difficult to hold himself back, and he
moved to lift her off him when the door opened and Peter Petrelli
stepped through it, his mouth dropping open wide in shock.

This is the first reasonable emotion Peter Petrelli has had in all three seasons of Heroes.

This was the last thing Peter had expected to find Nathan doing in
here, some girl riding him relentlessly, blonde curls swaying, her
dress hitched up around her waist, her tight firm ass bouncing above
him. Peter faltered for a moment and then spluttered, “Holy fuck–what
the fuck? Should I–uh–come back later?”

And you blew it, Peter. If you see your brother fucking his daughter, you don’t ask if you can come back later. That is not reasonable. The reasonable thing to do is grab a baseball bat and beat everyone to death, yourself included.

He deliberated for a moment, and continued,
“Correction. I already fucked her. More than once. She loves it just as
much as you do, little brother.”

Nathan took Peter’s face in his hands and kissed him hard on his mouth,
forcing his tongue up against his, and Peter struggled to free himself
until he felt another pair of hands tugging at the zipper of his jeans.
His body went slack, and he asked once more, a lot less defiantly,
“What–what is this?”

“Ma told me you’ve wanted to fuck Claire since the day you met her,
Pete. So I tested her out, showed her a few things, things you like,
got her ready for you. You want Peter to fuck you, Claire?”

Claire nodded and mumbled affirmatively, her mouth now snugly situated
around Peter’s rapidly swelling member. Nathan stood behind Peter, took
his messenger bag off him and tossed it to the carpet, then slipped his
hands below the hem of Peter’s t-shirt and caressed his little
brother’s flat hard belly. Peter let out a soft whimper. Nathan hadn’t
touched him like this since…since before they had gone to Haiti, and
that felt like years ago, though it was really only months.

“Peter, let’s make a deal…you fuck her, and I fuck you, in your tight
little ass, just how you like it. Everybody wins, you most of all,”
Nathan breathed, nipping at Peter’s earlobe, biting his neck. “I needed
you, Peter, and you came back to me. My beautiful baby brother.”

Everybody wins! Peter! Claire! Nathan! Satan!

“Fuck you, Nathan,” he groaned, pulling himself from Claire’s mouth
with a soft wet pop. Claire looked hurt and betrayed, wondering if
maybe he hadn’t liked it.


Nathan just laughed and slapped Peter’s ass as hard as he could, and
the sting sent a shock straight through Peter’s painfully hard dick.

“You wish you could, Pete,” he said. “Maybe another time. Tonight, you
fuck her.” He bent down and pulled Claire’s pretty ruined pink dress
over her head, all three of them now in total nakedness. He pushed
Claire down on the floor and shoved the first two fingers of his right
hand into her center, his left gripping Peter’s wrist hard enough to
hurt. The room began to spin as Peter absorbed Nathan’s ability of
flight once again, and he started to panic.

Peter wanted to run, wanted to fly, wanted to escape, this was sick wrong sinful dirty wonderful beautiful perfect–

“Oh, God,” Peter moaned when Nathan pulled Peter down next to him and slid two slick fingers deep inside him…

Suddenly, the whole Sylar/Maya roadtrip bullshit from Season 2 is sounding much, much more reasonable. Suffice to say, Nathan’s about to put several more things in his brother’s ass, so here’s your last chance before the abyss.

“That’s right, Peter. You like it. You like getting fucked in your ass.
This–is–mine–Peter,” he demanded, accentuating each word with a
thrust of his fingers. “Say it, you little slut.”

Peter’s body trembled as Nathan worked his prostate with one finger and
stretched him with the other. His voice came out weak and broken when
he said, “It’s yours, Nathan. Yours.”

“Now tell Claire how much you like it when your brother fucks your ass hard, so hard you hurt for a week.”

Peter breathed, “I like it when you fuck me hard.”

Nathan bit down on Peter’s neck hard enough to draw blood and he hissed, “Tell her.”

“I–I like it when Nathan fucks me. Hard,” he gasped, his cock
positively throbbing. The truth was, he really did; nothing in the
world felt quite as good as his brother’s full eight inches buried to
the hilt inside him, and now all he could think about was getting his
cock inside Claire while Nathan’s cock was inside him.

Claire smiled and spread her legs wantonly, and rubbed her clit with two manicured fingers. “Are you gonna fuck me hard, Peter?”

Peter’s eyes lit up, but he couldn’t answer; he was utterly consumed,
Nathan stroking him with one hand and fingering his ass with the other.
Peter threw his head back and let out a strangled wail when Nathan
forced another finger in with the two already in there.

I keep trying to think of clever things to insert here, but it’s hard to be funny when I’m crying and cutting myself. Let’s just fast-forward a little.

Nathan commanded, “Claire, ask Peter to fuck you.”

“Peter? Fuck me? Please? Now?”

Peter knew how Nathan’s mind worked: Claire was Nathan’s to give to
him, and he couldn’t take her without permission, so he cried, “Nathan,
can I? Please?”

“Go ahead, Peter. Fuck her with that pretty cock.”

Peter lowered himself atop her and pushed his throbbing cock inside her, and it was as if she were a virgin, she was so tight. She’s a virgin every time, he thought. She heals over, every time…

In case you thought the subject of Claire’s regenerating hymen only came up on the Topless Robot‘s Heroes‘ live-blog… it didn’t.

Claire squealed more and bounced beneath Peter, and Nathan watched,
lubricating himself with clear fluid from a bottle this time. He
pressed a palm down on Peter’s back, which was sweat slick, and said,
“Stop for a minute so I can get inside you, Peter. You want my cock
inside you, Peter?”

“Oh God yes please Nathan fuck me–” he choked weakly. Nathan gripped
Peter’s hips, pressed his head against Peter’s entrance and pushed
forward, opening him, spearing him straight through. Peter’s nerves lit
up and danced with pleasure, his spine tingling with the slight pain of
Nathan stretching him fully enough to accommodate him.

Peter thrust into Claire and Nathan into Peter, Nathan matching each of
Peter’s movements with one of his own. Peter couldn’t believe the
sounds that tore from his lungs–he had never felt anything like this
before–fucking and being
fucked all at the same time, and God, if he wasn’t the luckiest man in
the whole world right now, the two people he loved most in the world
giving him this. His heart felt full to bursting with emotion for his
brother and his niece.

And THIS is what upsets me more than anything. Yes, the people who right stupid incest fan fiction for movies or TV shows or whatever are fucked up. But to think that somehow this niece-uncle-brother three-way simul-fuck is bringing them closer together emotionally? FUCK YOU. Fuck you for trying to justify this horrible, horrible shit, even in your terrible fake porn story.

Claire watched in astonishment as tears ran down Peter’s face. He sighed, “I love you too, Claire, and I love you, Nathan.”

“He’s–he’s crying,” Claire informed Nathan.

Me too, Claire. Me too.

When it was all over, Nathan and Claire helped Peter to his feet and
they all cleaned themselves up. They lay down with him in the large
expanse of the bed.

Nathan embraced Peter, lying with his chest pressed to Peter’s back.
Claire slipped her arms around him too, and Peter sighed, “That was
wonderful. Beautiful.” He was becoming sleepy, his body exhausted from
the intensity of his climax, and finally he did fall asleep, Claire
drifting away along with him.

“Welcome home, Peter,” Nathan whispered, his voice thick with emotion, his face buried in Peter’s hair.

And there’s no place like home. Hopefully. Ever. Look, the story continues with a dreadfully stupid twist, and it’s nothing that will make you reading it worthwhile; still, the full story is here if you hate yourself. Somehow, I can’t help feeling this is all Jeph Loeb’s fault.