Get Ready for World War III

…because Japan is going to bring back its Imperial Army and declare war after this CG Astro Boy comes out. Really, I can’t blame them, since we’ve basically appropriated and shat on two of their favorite franchises with Dragonball and Astro Boy; frankly, I think we could burn an effigy of the Emperor and they’d be less pissed. While Astro might not be the horrendous pile of crap Dragonball was, the Japanese are also far less forgiving of any adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s work. Do you remember that recent Astro Boy cartoon that aired in 2004? The one that was awesome and incredibly faithful to the original manga? Well, Japan hated that thing. When they see the horrible character redesigns and Astro acting like an idiot of the U.S.-made movie, like in this new trailer, that’s when they’re going to dust off their Zeros. (Via /Film)