So, Star Trek Looks Kinda Good, But…

And when I say “kinda good,” I mean “holy shit.” I’ve never been a big Trek fan, but watching this latest trailer — especially the space battle at the end, where wreckage is flying everywhere — has made me crazy excited to see the film, something the other trailers and news bits haven’t quite been able to achieve, although theyv’e all been good.

However, there’s a bit of weirdness I’ve discovered that might shipwreck this whole, er, enterprise. I feel like they’re spoilers, although the info is all technically available on the Star Trek IMDB page. hit the jump for these weird and frankly disturbing discoveries.

I saw something in the credits which confused me, so I checked
the IMDB page. Did you guys know Winona Ryder is in the movie?
Seriously, she’s playing Amanda Grayson, who you might know better SPOCK’S FREAKIN’ MOM. I’m not as disturbed by the cameo as much as I am by the fact that I somehow didn’t know this until this morning. Did you guys know?

Unfortunately, that’s not all. While perusing the IMDB page, I also noticed the role of Starfleet Academy President is being played by one Tyer Perry.
Yes, that Tyler Perry.

Why? I assume Perry’s a big Trek fan and asked for a cameo, but I do not approve. We’re already going to have god knows how many Trek cameos and nods and Easter eggs in the flick. Adding a bunch of celebrity cameos on top of that will just be distracting, in my august opinion (although I might be biased because Id rather die than sit through a Madea movie). And for all I know, Perry plays the Starfleet Academy President as Madea — it’s not like IMDB specifies whether he’s in a transvestite fat suit or not.

This is, however, at least one thing I discovered which might possibly mitigate Perry’s involvement, and that’s the fact that Diora Baird is in the film. Now, Diora Baird looks like this.

And she’ll be playing this:
The Orion Slave Girl. It might not make up for Tyler Perry, but if it doesn’t, I don’t know what will.