The Terminator’s Most Powerful Foe: Breasts

Specifically, Moon Bloodgood’s breasts. Apparently, there’s a scene of Bloodgood showering topless in Terminator Salvation, and this scene — which I’ve not heard about before — has been mentioned enough around the information supertubes to be called “infamous.” ?But here’s the problem: because America is totally fine with graphic dismemberment and heads exploding, but nipples send us into a psychotic frenzy and warp children’s minds, Bloodgood’s moons are currently putting Salvation at an R rating, and Fox wants a PG-13.
Now, there were rumors that Terminator was going to be PG-13 last year, which McG adamantly denied. We all freaked out, because there’s no point to a Terminator movie if there isn’t a gun being fired in every frame. But clearly, violence isn’t the issue, it’s boobs.?McG swears it’s an homage to Linda Hamilton and important to the character and yadda yadda, but c’mon — there are very few movies in which nude scenes are not gratuitous, and I’m betting Terminator Salvation won’t be one of them. So I actually don’t care how this ends up, since it looks like we’ll get the ludicrously violent movie that kids of all ages can safely enjoy either way. If the breasts are removed, I’m pretty sure we can find some elsewhere. (Via /Film)