The Wolverine Movie Roll Call Avoids Mentioning the Deadpool Debacle Totally

Okay. This has to be one of the last X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie trailers/TV spots, and there are two things worth pointing out. First, although I think I mentally blocked it out after watching the last trailer, it does sound like Sabretooth has a ridiculous jaguar-type sound when he jumps. Second, and more importantly for all you Deadpool fans, you’ll note this commercial includes a roll call of mutants appearing in the film, and despite the fact that Ryan Reynolds is  in the Top 5 of the film’s stars, there is no mention of him or Deadpool or Wade Wilson or Weapon XI or whatever. Hell, both Emma Frost and Blob get a mention, and there’s not even a frame of any of the mutants who are theoretically being called Deadpool. That’s genuinely fucked up. Also, Wraith doesn’t get a mention either (although he gets a few shots), but that’s because I assume the filmmakers are hideously racist.