TR Contest: The Awesomest Toy You Never Got


I know you know what I’m talking about here. We all had one (probably more) toy we longed for with the very core of our being. That we put on every Christmas and birthday list. That we saved and saved our allowances for, but never found in the store. That we wanted with all our hearts, but never goddamn got.

For me, it was an AT-AT. I don’t have any particularly awesome stories about not getting it, but man, I wanted an AT-AT more than anything during the ’80s. I would have killed my little brother for one. I tried to kill my brother little brother a few times anyways, just in hopes that it would somehow produce an AT-AT (it didn’t, and very possibly prevented me from receiving one on more than one occasion).

So really, I’m just asking for personal stories here more than obscure knowledge, but as per usual, the person that entertains me the most will probably win. Besides the regular rules, I would like to say no genuinely sad stories allowed — if you wanted an Atari 2600, and your mom bought one for you, but was hit by a car on the way home, and the Atari got filled with her blood so it wouldn’t work and thus you never got to play it… you aren’t going to win a shirt. And you should be in therapy, not entering online nerd contests, anyways. The contest ends at 3 am on March 30th, EST, as always. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to raise yet another drink to Anime Insider, and the fine men and women who worked there… something I’ll be doing a lot this weekend. See you kids Monday.