Admittedly, This Will Make It Much Harder to Find John Connor


…because this is what the 6-inch John Connor figure from Playmates’ upcoming Terminator: Salvation looks like. Look closely, and you may notice that it doesn’t appear to look much like Christian Bale… because his head is 80% covered by a fucking helmet and goggles.

Looks like Playmates either couldn’t afford the Bale likeness, or couldn’t get it secured in time. Since Playmates managed to theoretically get all the likenesses from the Star Trek movie (I say theoretically because given how horrible the sculpts are, we can’t be 100% sure), I’m assuming it’s the latter, which is pretty fucking pitiful for Playmates. Congrats — you have a toyline for one of the summer’s biggest films, but without that film’s star! I’m sure that’ll work out great for you. Much thanks to Poe Ghostal for the tip and the article title joke, which I totally poached. (Pic via Action-Figure)